Customer Segments: Personas & Empathy Maps

INNvolve will have three target customer segments: Corporations, Individuals and Entrepreneurs. The two former segments may eventually overlap in some cases, but they are intrisically divided by their intentions and the services they will be using.

To better understand our segments, we developed three personas and their respective empathy maps, which provide a broad idea of what we expect the segment’s characteristics and environments to be and that allow us to better fit the service to their specific needs.



These are represented by one executive with decision power. For example purposes, this representative is called Sara and she is a professional young woman, who has decision power over innovation issues in the company.

Persona Corporation

EM Corporations




The individuals segment is represented by João, who is a young male adult – proactive, creative and interested in the surrounding environment.

Persona Individual

EM Individuals



The Entrepreneurs segment is represented by a team of two young friends: Maria and Manuel. For quite a while now, Maria and Manuel have shared the dream of creating their own company but somehow seem to lack the resources to turn it into reality.

Persona Entrepreneur

EM Entrepreneurs


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